ValGold discloses its shares, warrants and stock options outstanding and related information in its condensed interim consolidated unaudited financial statements and annual audited financial statements. This information is summarized below. Readers are referred to the more complete information in the financial statements which are available under Financial Information on this website or under the Company's filings at

Securities Outstanding:

Common Shares 55,548,254 (a)
Warrants 15,697,847 (a) (b)
Stock Options 2,775,000 (c)

(a) Of the common shares, 15,697,847 shares were issued in a private placement of units in October 2017, which included the same number of warrants. These common shares were subject to a hold period until February 4, 2018.
(b) The warrants outstanding were all issued in the October 2017 private placement of units and are exercisable into one common share at an exercise price of $0.10 per common share until October 5, 2019.
(c) The incentive stock options have been granted to management, directors and contractors and each option is exercisable into one common share at a price of $0.065 per common share until August 23, 2022.